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Electric bikes

There’s a mob in Barcelona making vintage styled electric bikes. I love the styling on these Oto cycles. The colours, the shape, they’re gorgeous. This is the sort of project that could be adapted for Australia really nicely. Here you … Continue reading

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Tesla batteries can end the private utilities’ strangle hold

Something has to. Elon Musk is now working on batteries that will serve the home solar market. This has the potential to make genuine off grid living available to a whole new class of households, possibly even tenants. Wouldn’t that … Continue reading

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Carbon capture technologies

What if we could stop making plastic out of oil, and start making it out of carbon pollution floating around in the atmosphere? That’s a good question. What if we could use all that Carbon? There are a number of … Continue reading

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Hemp for 3D printing

It was never going to take long. The winning combination of a resource friendly, abundant crop and the incredible technology that is 3D printing was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Here’s five stages from hemp to fibre from … Continue reading

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More amazing 3D printing tech including replacement bones

Today’s msm featured a story about some nufty stoner who printed hisself a lego gun. And knuckle dusters. Because plastic is really good for breaking and embedding in your digits. We’ll side step the obvious, that the gun wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Sony coming to the Open Source party

Recently I was writing about the potential for companies like Sony to take advantage of internet communications and 3D printing in bio-plastics. They’re too clever to have to wait for me to make suggestions. The Playstation 4 code is partially … Continue reading

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Innovation trickle up

Yes, this is what I’m spending Australia Day weekend thinking about. In recent articles we’ve been thinking about how ideas and values can trickle up from community groups into business and the broader culture. Once there was a time when … Continue reading

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Print community

This really grabbed my attention. 3D printed speakers that look like the Death Star from Star Wars. NOMOON is software designed for a 3D printer that will print out whatever you like. If it’s round. “Nomoon can create spherical speaker … Continue reading

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3D printed housing update

Remember that guy who wanted to 3D print houses? And China used a similar technique with concrete and recycling? Well, now there’s a house being built in Amsterdam designed to be, 3D printed in bio-plastic. The 3D printing revolution is … Continue reading

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3D printing. The future is now.

This is a 3D printer. Full article. If you haven’t seen these around, it’s worth doing a bit of reading. The basic idea is that instead of ink on a flat surface, the printer uses extruded plastic to build up … Continue reading

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