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Legalise cannabis so we don’t have to cut pensions

Kevin Andrews is talking about kicking 20,000 people off disability in Australia. Let’s leave aside for the moment that these are 20,000 people whose lives are already so fucked up that they are disabled. They live with stigma and symptoms … Continue reading

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Post employment and the new paradigm

For a while now I’ve been researching and writing essays on the transition that humanity is currently undergoing. It’s not a matter of waiting for change to occur. We’re in the midst of change right now. All over the planet … Continue reading

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Not news: Further enforcement of free marketeering in Australia.

While John Winston Howard is infamous for his failed “workchoices”,* among other things,** it was Kevin Rudd who oversaw the end of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and its transition into the castrated free market enforcement service that is Fair … Continue reading

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Crime, victims and that shooting in Kings Cross

Saturday morning, April 21st, a stolen car full of six young men is chased by the police. After driving up onto the footpath, the car runs over a woman and the police start shooting. Three to face court over Kings … Continue reading

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Yarn bombing and retro creativity

Yarn bombing. Yes, it is a thing. A kind of textile street art installation, where outdoor features or objects are decorated with knitting or crochet. Sometimes it comes with a connection to a social justice campaign, to draw attention to … Continue reading

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Consideration of Social Darwinism

A little while ago Gerry Harvey made some charming public comments to the effect that aid for homeless people is a waste of money and they should be just left to die. Of course, when everyone shit on him for … Continue reading

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Remembering friends.

This is a kind of personal trip down memory lane… Over the last couple of days I’ve been reminded of some good friends who were around for me during some pretty hard times. I have no idea what this might … Continue reading

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Help stop cuts to mental health funding.

Currently in Australia people suffering acute stress or other mental health problems can get referrals from their GP’s to access help from Psychologists and counsellors and have the services bulk billed. This has meant that many people who were not … Continue reading

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