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Fresh in our memories

Someone at Woolies thought it would be a great idea to have a meme generator on the internet, so people could upload their own World War photos. To use as profile pics. And Woolies would sneak some advertising in on … Continue reading

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Ladies, Gentlemen and variations thereupon, I present the leader of the Opposition, Senator Scott Ludlam. I could go into all sorts of arguments about having curtains in windows or putting on pants before you leave the house… But you know … Continue reading

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Australian government sneaking around behind our backs again

Those of you who use the internet a fair bit probably remember last Wednesday’s anti-SOPA protest, during which numerous websites “blacked out” or posted specially designed images to raise awareness of the US “stop online piracy act”. The MPAA and … Continue reading

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Private sector enabling censorship of Australian internet access.

Despite repeated rejection of blacklisting and internet censorship by the citizens of Australia, the Federal Government is now set to implement the policy via voluntary private industry compliance. The AFP is now apparently assisting compile the blacklist, which will not … Continue reading

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Climate change and the meta-narrative propaganda machine.

As you may have heard, last week a large chunk of ice broke off the Petermann glacier in Greenland. Together with the rapidly shrinking ice sheets in the Arctic, hotter summers and colder, wilder winters, it looks like humanity’s chickens … Continue reading

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Q and A open government internet filter

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