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3D printed bones

Medical applications for 3D printing continue to surprise. In China a few months ago, 62 year old Ms Lu was diagnosed with a form of bone tumour. Until recently it would have been incurable and very painful. Using a 3D … Continue reading

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More amazing 3D printing tech including replacement bones

Today’s msm featured a story about some nufty stoner who printed hisself a lego gun. And knuckle dusters. Because plastic is really good for breaking and embedding in your digits. We’ll side step the obvious, that the gun wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Coconut oil as deodorant.

I’ve been hearing about this for a while, from various people. This week I finally tried it. I can’t believe how well it works! When I say “oil” it’s not like the olive oil you pour into a pan but … Continue reading

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Video: How economic inequality harms societies

Countries and states with greater inequality experience greater rates of mental illness, crime, child mortality, early death. And it’s not only the poor who are affected.

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