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Asylum seeker hysteria in the media, again.

There’s been an ad on tellie in the past couple of days, for one of those after the news “current affairs” type shenanigans. You know, the ones where reporters ambush people with leading questions and shouting like people are running … Continue reading

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Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia day. The anniversary of the arrival of the British in Australia. Also this year is the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Embassy. And Happy Anniversary to the Egyptian revolution too… One year on and they have themselves a … Continue reading

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Bad Press.

As if we needed any further illustration as to why media ownership laws ought to be the first isssue the new Government tackles. The behaviour of the press during yesterday’s announcements was, without exception, dreadful. For decades the behaviour of … Continue reading

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Well, as of this arvo it looks like Australia has retained her non-religious female Prime Minister in spite of News Ltd. The Greens apparently now hold the balance of power in Senate and three independents in the lower house. One … Continue reading

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