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Printed food

Io9 did a round up the other day, of 3D printer food. There’s a number of the usual suspects, like pizza and sugar confectionery, which vary from quick and basic to works of art. It’s a great list, of work … Continue reading

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Hunger is not an issue of charity it is an issue of justice. I’m considering this in light of what’s happening in the Australian bush. The supermarket duopoly and trade laws mean farmers get squat for their produce. Imagine humping … Continue reading

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Tea in Australia

My Son came to visit just prior to the real silly season. Since it was getting pretty hot and neither of us felt like cooking much, here’s one of the dinners we slapped up. Rare kangaroo fillet steak on an … Continue reading

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Apple crumble recipe

3 large granny smith apples 1/3 cup of sultanas 1/4 block of butter 2/3 cup of brown sugar 2/3 cup of coconut 2/3 cup of whole rolled oats 1/4 cup plain flour cinnamon nutmeg or cloves Cut up the apples … Continue reading

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