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Food security in Australia

The plight of farmers is of particular concern to me at the moment. Farmers losing their livelihood is a personal face on the huge issues of food sovereignty and production. It is another area where the current flawed application of … Continue reading

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Hemp for 3D printing

It was never going to take long. The winning combination of a resource friendly, abundant crop and the incredible technology that is 3D printing was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Here’s five stages from hemp to fibre from … Continue reading

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Hunger is not an issue of charity it is an issue of justice. I’m considering this in light of what’s happening in the Australian bush. The supermarket duopoly and trade laws mean farmers get squat for their produce. Imagine humping … Continue reading

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Taking stock

Today I got another five robinia seedlings transplanted. That makes a couple of dozen, now, I think. About half the western fenceline is planted out and waiting for spring. As I was digging the holes for them it began to … Continue reading

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