In the Dreamtime…

In the Dreamtime, the Goddess was pregnant.

She wandered through the dimensions, seeking a right place to give birth. At last she came to Gaia and it was time for her to bring forth life in this place.

Flanked by two lionesses, the Goddess knelt down and gave birth to the life of the planet. Her birth waters merged with the oceans and her breath with the air. Thus life came forth and grew into great multitudes and variety all over the earth.

The Goddess then rested for a while. She observed and enjoyed the development of life and its evolution. She smiled and blessed the planet. All the life of the planet has her water in its body and her breath in its breath.

After a time the Goddess became pregnant again. When the time was right, she knelt again and gave birth to the consciousness of humans. Humans now learned to tell stories together so that they could feel themselves at home, having a place in the life of the planet and understanding the kosmos.

Now humans had evolved and grown up among the animals, so for a while it has been difficult for them to learn to manage their particular conscious mind. This is where the Insanity or Confusion came from. It is a learning phase. A lesson we are having some trouble with.

The stories became confused when people hurt each other and didn’t heal properly. People were angry and hurt, so they tried to control land, wealth and power to try to protect themselves. But those things only created more hurt.

Men began telling particular stories that tried to explain why they seek to control and own. But in their hurt the stories took away the Goddess and made the spirit world and the earth seem like it was owned by men. The god had his mother wife taken away from him by the stories of men. The god was on his own in the stories, then the stories became a prison for the minds of people, not a teacher.

For a long time the Goddess has been remembered by those who have journeyed through the darkness of the prison to find help for their hurt and the Insanity. She  partners with those who seek for humans to remember to be healed and to learn how to live rightly in the life of the planet.

Now it is becoming time for the daughters of the Goddess to give birth to a spiritual realisation for humans so that we can learn to journey with our consciousness properly.

Blessed be the daughters of Sybele.

26-02-2010 Jane Crowlie


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