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The illusion of separation

Separation and loneliness is a huge issue right now. Important enough to interrupt the tech with a post about spirituality. Along with lots of discussion about meditation, in particular mindfulness, one sees articles about the outer darkness. The deep loneliness … Continue reading

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A picture comparing tc tracy and tc yasi

On the left, Tropical Cyclone Tracy which devastated Darwin on christmas eve, 1974. On the right, Extreme Cyclone Yasi, from the BoM IR image recorded at 00.30 (half past midnight) on Wednesday 02-02-2011. Extreme Cyclone Yasi is to Autumn rain … Continue reading

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Free meditation downloads

Another experiment… while I’m all about experimenting and updating. The full moon certainly has been productive! Intro to Still Mind meditation is a free, downloadable MP3 hosted on rapidshare. Feel free to try it out. Please note that the meditations … Continue reading

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Meditation is one of the best stress relieving tools around. It has a marvellous way of “re-setting” the mind and body to assist in healing and balancing. Buddhists and Hindus have used meditation in various forms since ancient times. After … Continue reading

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