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Version zero

An operating system designed to facilitate business that doesn’t write social well being and the environment off as externalities. Consider your skill set and when someone asks if you’d like to be listed, get involved. It’s a database of people … Continue reading

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An important message to the interwebs

If you’re not interested in US politics, you can probably skip this one. Although it is kinda funny. It’s a fantastic example of talking back to the system that seeks to exclude citizens in favour of corporate money. Crossposted from … Continue reading

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Consideration of Social Darwinism

A little while ago Gerry Harvey made some charming public comments to the effect that aid for homeless people is a waste of money and they should be just left to die. Of course, when everyone shit on him for … Continue reading

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A quick collection of images of geodesic domes.

A basic geodesic frame used as a garden arbor, from Poland. Unfortunately small photo of a strawbale fabricated geodesic design being built on a kibbutz in 2009. Gentrified looking geodesic home in the US. A geodesic framed greenhouse in the … Continue reading

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Sheep cheek

For a while after we sheared the sheep, they weren’t happy to come near us. So I offered some home made bread which did the trick. Pet sheep have this secret personality, they’re bloody cheeky buggers. Edna now stands at … Continue reading

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How about that rain

There’s no creek here a the new place, but every time I look out the kitchen window, I see this.

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