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3D printed bones

Medical applications for 3D printing continue to surprise. In China a few months ago, 62 year old Ms Lu was diagnosed with a form of bone tumour. Until recently it would have been incurable and very painful. Using a 3D … Continue reading

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Art outbreak

Please excuse my geekier side making an appearance. I won the Chappie standee thingie from the cinema. I’m absolutely beside myself about it. It occurred to me that some people will find it odd that the robot has ears. They’ll … Continue reading

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Dextrus bionic hand

This 3D printed hand is being developed by a guy in the US, for his friend in Afghanistan who needs a new one. I found it via Open Bionics page on Ploos.   Open Source design and 3D printing technology … Continue reading

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Easter message

For the past few days I’ve been offline, playing in the garden here at ‘the ashram.” It’s such a lovely old place, that’s how I’ve started thinking about it. High Summer is gone, taking the burning heat with it and … Continue reading

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Electric bikes

There’s a mob in Barcelona making vintage styled electric bikes. I love the styling on these Oto cycles. The colours, the shape, they’re gorgeous. This is the sort of project that could be adapted for Australia really nicely. Here you … Continue reading

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Molecular printing

In a variation on synthetic pharmaceuticals, Dr. Martin D. Burke and a team from the University of Illinois have come up with a way of 3D printing molecules. They’re focusing on antifungal medication to start with, but the technology has … Continue reading

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