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Please excuse my geekier side making an appearance. I won the Chappie standee thingie from the cinema. I’m absolutely beside myself about it.

Gort_KlatuuIt occurred to me that some people will find it odd that the robot has ears. They’ll look at it and ask, why does he have those ear things, what’s that about? It’s a genius move to add emotional expression to an otherwise pretty expressionless object. When Vincent says you’re just a little joey, he really is. You find yourself sitting there in the dark with your mirror neurons firing off sympathy in response to a bit of CGI. You know DARPA didn’t think up that approach.

I wonder what the ratio is, these days, of people who expect their robots to have ears, those who prefer the classic Gort styling, or those who at this point feel like they’ve wandered into an episode of Big Bang Theory?

I’m not a fan of BBT. While I appreciate Sheldon, the show seemed part of an approach that encourages people to pick apart the tech to the point that they miss the plot. Some media movie critics have adopted that approach too. Some have ended up way off in the long grass.

RobotToyLISYou want to view Blomkamp more like he’s H. G. Wells or Joseph Conrad, who would have admired Elysium. Chappie comes from that vector, with the inclusion of this anime reference. An outbreak, if you like. Murdoch’s spokes organs got busy criticising Vincent’s hair cut. I want to be a fly on the wall when the editors get to the fanfic of Vincent and Deon. (You’re welcome.)

As with electronic music of the past decade, I’m eagerly anticipating global cultural fusion in art and design of the Occupy and Commons movement. It will be much easier to broach the fear of automation if our assistants look more like Asimo (with ears) and less like Atlas. Honda has done that really right. Like it’s great that Harley have started making electric bikes, but the ones from Japan are just too smooth. The style is congruent. Surely we can keep the hog or the bonnie running on synthetic fuel made by algae? Steampunk has it’s applications.

There’s glorious art and design coming out of Asia and the new paradigm gifts us with more potential for this creative morphing. Back in the day Bruce Sterling fancied Thai pop as a big hit in the West. Now here we are in the wake of Gangnam Style. Steampunk is similarly amazing, but it doesn’t navigate the frankenstein complex quite like cute can. Frankenstein’s monster was originally about the tendencies of humans, one of which is to scare ourselves. Let’s not let that keep us from making the transition to partnership culture.

Also, if you think Sheldon is something, wait until you meet Okarin.

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