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3D printed bones

Medical applications for 3D printing continue to surprise. In China a few months ago, 62 year old Ms Lu was diagnosed with a form of bone tumour. Until recently it would have been incurable and very painful. Using a 3D … Continue reading

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SBS recently ran a Dateline episode about prescription drug addiction in the US. They’ve done a couple of these recently. It was something of a surprise that the normally progressive station would copy something out of Murdoch’s play book like … Continue reading

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Art outbreak

Please excuse my geekier side making an appearance. I won the Chappie standee thingie from the cinema. I’m absolutely beside myself about it. It occurred to me that some people will find it odd that the robot has ears. They’ll … Continue reading

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Mental health funding

Sane Australia and other organisations are making good use of social media at the moment, in their drive for funding. It was well timed alongside Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley calling for integrated mental health care in Australia. The health … Continue reading

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Read the papers

This shit, Australia, this shit has got to stop. The woman in the red skirt (oops, it’s pants) says repeatedly read the newspaper to justify claims that the woman in the hijab is involved with terrorists. This fucking shit. Rupert … Continue reading

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Fresh in our memories

Someone at Woolies thought it would be a great idea to have a meme generator on the internet, so people could upload their own World War photos. To use as profile pics. And Woolies would sneak some advertising in on … Continue reading

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Thousands of people in major cities gathered to defend remote Aboriginal communities over the weekend. It’s incredible seeing this get off the ground, since the media was quiet about what was going on. Following the announcement that the WA State … Continue reading

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Dextrus bionic hand

This 3D printed hand is being developed by a guy in the US, for his friend in Afghanistan who needs a new one. I found it via Open Bionics page on Ploos.   Open Source design and 3D printing technology … Continue reading

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Easter message

For the past few days I’ve been offline, playing in the garden here at ‘the ashram.” It’s such a lovely old place, that’s how I’ve started thinking about it. High Summer is gone, taking the burning heat with it and … Continue reading

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Recently I was watching some more of Robert Sapolsky’s lectures on human behaviour and biology, given at Stanford. They’re absolutely brilliant. If you were one of those kids who loved documentaries, these might be the most satisfying viewing you’ve had … Continue reading

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