AGL seniors discount letterA friend wrote the following in response to an advertising scam by AGL:

Thanks, but no thanks AGL. Yes, I’m a senior, and you may think that all I’m concerned about with energy costs is to get a discount on my bills when I pay them on time. You’re wrong if that’s the case.

I’ve been keeping an eye on AGL’s enthusiasm for undermining the Renewable Energy Target (along with the other big two energy retailers.)

I’m well aware of the negative impact your undermining tactics have had on the renewable sector, the loss of business confidence and their willingness to invest, the impact this has had on communities across the state. It’s led to uncertainty, unemployment and distress. That’s not something I want to support, not even if I happened to win a $10,000 holiday voucher.

Perhaps you assume that seniors aren’t aware of greenhouse gas emissions or the massive role played by burning brown coal. In 2013-14 apparently 94 per cent of AGL’s reported facility level greenhouse gas emissions was generated from just one brown coal fired power station: Loy Yang A in Victoria.

In addition there are other significant environmental and human impacts from coal mining, including the immediate and after effects of last years Morwell mine fire.

You could do so much better AGL. You could be looking to transition away from brown coal in Victoria. It’s clear you have some ability to diversify. Your name appears on some pretty neat projects including the solar array in Nyngan, yet you’re undermining the RET, so you’re giving the consumer a very mixed message.

At present it seems that basically you don’t want the Australian consumer to benefit from any competition from renewables:

“…weakening the RET would drive up the value of their fossil fuel assets, such as their investments in polluting coal fired power plants and coal seam gas mining. And, of course, it would limit new competition in the energy market, which lowers power prices for consumers, too.”

So, AGL, until your messages are consistent, and until your track record shows clear and unambiguous support for renewable energy, I won’t be switching.

Finally, while an enclosed leaflet notes that the Seniors Card Program doesn’t endorse products, the formal letter using the seniors logo and “age friendly partners program”  as well as the words “Seniors Card selected AGL as its energy partner” certainly looks like an endorsement to me.


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