The illusion of suffering

I’ll grant you, it can be a pretty unpleasant illusion. I mean, people are cutting themselves. It’s not fun.

Why do we do it? This is another of the ‘glitch in the myth’ series, which should all be in the Mysticism category.

Every so often when discussing making changes to the paradigm, improving the lifestyle of 95% of people on the planet, one of the objections that comes up is if you don’t suffer for what you get you don’t appreciate it.

As the great Saint Terence would say,

that’s bullshit.

Russell Brand, who may or may not be a Saint yet, as he’s aiming for Messiah, replied but isn’t that what everyone’s looking for, to be happy?

That’s a good question Rusty. Is that what we’re looking for?

Our evolution has gifted us with a system of neurotransmitters and hormones that orient around us being fairly content. Our baseline physiological homeostatic benchmark is happiness.

The suffering bit in Western myth comes from the doctrine of redemptive suffering. Jesus died on the cross for you, whore, so you can just fucking suffer.

Seems a bit out of date, now that you put it like that. I mean, whose interest does that serve?

Personally I’d rather see all those hours and centuries of mantras envisioning the end of suffering for all beings put into action with our global speed of light communication and open source technology. That seems like the 21st century approach.

Or would you rather play with the bullies a bit longer?

Suffering for your art only counts as long as you want to approach it that way. Authenticity can be elegant. ZEF looks pretty good, eh?


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