Here comes the cavalry.

The CIA got rid of Gough. And who knows what happened to Fraser, who checked out unexpectedly as he was organising a new Party.  Gillard had to fly home from trade talks that came a bit early.

Abbott has three daughters. And a Marine base in Darwin. And Pine Gap.

Even if the LNP did have a vision, spine and a soul, they don’t have a whole lot in the way of options.

We’d best get onto that Transition Towns thing, then. We are the cavalry. Ride a broomstick, if it tickles your fancy, to spray your electronic graffiti. It makes great chaff as well as downloading from the Hivemind fairly reliably. What’s on our mind today, world? Water rights for family farms?

It won’t take long, since the US is grotesquely over extended. Even US military personnel have had a gutful. Keep doing what we need to do until it sinks in at the MSM level. Murdoch’s the only one in that game anymore and who wants to play with a bully?

The US is the home of Occupy. It fits together with Solidarity, Jubilee, Permaculture and Open Source. They’re like the fingers on the hand of the Hivemind, that’s going to save the world.

It’s going to happen as a practical joke. Future me said, in hindsight, how else could we do it, we were so spun up.


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