Electric bikes

There’s a mob in Barcelona making vintage styled electric bikes.

I love the styling on these Oto cycles. The colours, the shape, they’re gorgeous.

This is the sort of project that could be adapted for Australia really nicely. Here you need more than 26 km of range, but that’s doable. I wonder what we’d end up with if we put a couple of sheds on properties in towns outside the cities and played with some of the Tesla engine designs?

My idea for the design was to have panniers on the back of a utility bike and put an engine in one side. Depending on how far you wanted to ride the battery could be in the same side, or a larger capacity one in the other pannier. The idea is to get around the restrictions on electric bikes until there’s enough of them, and they’re developed enough, that hundreds of cyclists can turn up at the local council office and wave money in their faces. Here’s $25 for my permit for the year. No council is going to say no to that. There’d be a bit of a chat with the roads people, but the State Governments are desperate for money, too.

By building up the tech off road you get a chance to develop it and do it in numbers. There’s scope for testing tracks to be built and lots of videos to be uploaded, telling the stories of the people building them and what they can be used for.


That way any public body that tries to shit on the idea is visibly trampling hundreds of people’s lives and stories. In general Government tries to be a little more furtive about that sort of thing.

There’s the bonus that you can use shipping containers as sheds for construction and run the whole show off those you-beaut stirling engine micro power plants. While you’re developing your electric bike engine, set up a few stirling engines in shipping containers. (Again, put the videos and blueprints online.) Build some as well, depending on how you go. Then truck them out to small towns across rural Australia to set up distributed power and electric transport.

Extra points to whomever holds the first Australian electric go-kart regatta. This needs to be within a few hours travel of larger cities so that a million bogans can get in on it. Modified versions of the Tesla engine and battery design can have us in electric cars and bikes in no time. It’ll be like the Yarra Bird Man rally, on wheels. No doubt there’ll be Sydney Pride entrants doing Priscilla, electric queen of the desert.

The purpose is not to make a million dollars, it’s to make the point. We’re going to have the Living Income before long anyway, so you’ll be able to live reasonably well and spend all your time playing in the shed. Once the videos get around, you won’t need to buy your own beers down the pub any more and if you travel, there’ll be other folks around the world working on similar stuff that you can visit.

Travel in the new global paradigm is going to be a lot of fun.


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