Carbon capture technology at home

Everyone is pretty much aware now that the best form of Carbon capture and storage is leaving it in the ground. That’s established as being the No. 1 vector of approach for this little issue. Leave it where it is.

What about the cat that’s out of the bag though? Expensive drilling and hi tech sequestration may have their place. I’d like to suggest a lo tek approach that’s suitable for home owners and tenants with no industrial chemistry qualifications.

Kale. Seriously, kale can be grown as a green manure crop. It grows quickly, tall and can be dried and then mowed over into a nice mulch for the lawn and garden. It grows like a weed and willingly self sows. What gardeners call volunteers. Look for the tall variety, not these trendy fluffy things. Although they’d probably do the trick just as well. And they’re fairly ornamental. If you wanted to get it by the landlord and local council, growing on the nature strip, choose a variety of heights and colours.


Think about the strong stem of four foot tall flowering kale. There’s a lot of cellulose in there. It’s not as woody as hemp or trees, but it does the trick in small spaces. All that cellulose is Carbon that the plant has absorbed out of thin air. That you consume as food and the stems and leftovers go back into the ground. Where the Carbon belongs.

Within a few months you can be picking your own kale and sharing the abundant seeds with friends and neighbours. Kale can be grown in yards, in lawns, on nature strips, in parks… Marshmallow is another one that does the same. Did you know you can eat marshmallow leaves? I wonder if anyone’s tested how much Iron, folate and B vitamins are in marshmallow. Perhaps we could replace half our supplements with forage? Peas and broad beans will also grow tall, quickly, and it’s the perfect time of year for planting them. Eat the peas, put the rest of the plant and pods into compost.

I mentioned hemp to someone online recently and they were all huffy that people would cut down trees to plant hemp. It hardly seems likely to me. Hell, grow hemp as well. It’s not as if you need a farm for that. We’re talking home Carbon capture here in yards, parks and roadside verges. The food is secondary.

You don’t even have to buy the stuff. Ask the Grandmothers around the place who do a bit of gardening. They can probably give you one or two types of kale seeds. Use the Version 0 database to record who has seeds and who needs them, to get this off the ground quickly around the nation.


Eat some, mow the rest. Mow it before it gets too woody or it’s a pest. Unless you’re looking for a way to replace your expensive gym memberships with some healthy outdoors activity. With friends. Even unemployed people own mowers. Mow-a-thon at the local park and community gardens. No capes.

Prize for the most inventive automation of a mower-float. Try to keep it child friendly, I don’t want to see this in the news.


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