A good Catholic education

640px-Green_turtle_swimming_in_Kona_May_2010On Friday the 13th, Sir Terry has passed away. Saint Terry, if you’re into thinking about thought leaders that way.

Here I am in Australia with a social media feed full of Tony Abbott and Kevin Andrews and the like, with ALP State reps who’ve been voted in, in protest at the Federal LNP, but are still playing largely the same game. They’re all educated in Catholic schools. They know what they’re supposed to think, but not how to. Why you would do that to a child in this day and age is beyond me, but people are spending thousands each semester on it.

One of Pratchett’s characters once opined and that is why you should always shoot missionaries on sight. There are times when I’m sympathetic, considering what Imperial Christendom has done to so many people. Maybe some of humanity did need it for a while. But we’re at a point now as a species that we can do better. It’s the emotional equivalent of foot binding.

RIP Sir Terry.


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