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Australia’s Minister for Agriculture was greeted by protesting koalas late last week at his Tamworth office. It seems the good people of Gunnedah are unhappy about the prospect of having much of their home country bulldozed and koalas killed or run off.

The company behind the mine has proposed that the koalas will be “encouraged to naturally move away from habitat that is being cleared” but that they will be forcibly translocated if they do not move. The Australian Koala Foundation has cited evidence from previous translocation projects where many koalas died, including one project where 80-100% of the translocated koalas died.

stop Maules creekIf you haven’t been following the story of the Liverpool Plains, it’s worth a look. Greg Hunt has apparently green lighted up to sixteen new mines in the Hunter region.

At a time when the coal market is winding down, coal is recommended by International auditors to be bought from warehousing rather than new mines, and Australia’s biggest buyers of coal, India and China, are building sustainable power investments hand over fist. Even bloody Adani is putting money into solar.

Why we’re considering destroying so much farmland, forest and possibly also our water table to fuel the COALition’s obsession is beyond me. It’s as if the LNP never got past the 18th century. Might have been better if some of those koalas had great big gnashy teeth. Or I could join the Knitting Nannas.

stop CSG


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