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A friend wrote the following in response to an advertising scam by AGL: Thanks, but no thanks AGL. Yes, I’m a senior, and you may think that all I’m concerned about with energy costs is to get a discount on … Continue reading

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Garden update: Veggie patch overhaul

This is what the yard’s been looking like for most of Winter. Overgrown, muddy and in need of finishing off. I’d started the raised beds after overhauling the second veggie patch out the back, before the cold weather intervened.   … Continue reading

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More on privatisation

A couple of letters arrived in the post yesterday. It seems Origin have declined to address their errors and Lumo have caved rather than create any division in the monolith that is private utilities’ business model. Bend over further, pensioner, … Continue reading

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Reframing the narrative of separation

Something Russell Brand said the other day caught my attention. It’s important to reframe this. It was in the context of mainstream media reporting on the Ferguson riots. His insight into the way those headlines lead the train of thought … Continue reading

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The illusion of suffering

I’ll grant you, it can be a pretty unpleasant illusion. I mean, people are cutting themselves. It’s not fun. Why do we do it? This is another of the ‘glitch in the myth’ series, which should all be in the … Continue reading

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The CIA got rid of Gough. And who knows what happened to Fraser, who checked out unexpectedly as he was organising a new Party.  Gillard had to fly home from trade talks that came a bit early. Abbott has three … Continue reading

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Food security in Australia

The plight of farmers is of particular concern to me at the moment. Farmers losing their livelihood is a personal face on the huge issues of food sovereignty and production. It is another area where the current flawed application of … Continue reading

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Electric bikes

There’s a mob in Barcelona making vintage styled electric bikes. I love the styling on these Oto cycles. The colours, the shape, they’re gorgeous. This is the sort of project that could be adapted for Australia really nicely. Here you … Continue reading

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Abundance by design

As part of the ongoing technology reviews, abundance and the shifting paradigm keep coming up. It’s worth looking at these concepts some more. Imperial style neo-liberal economics relies on artificially generated scarcity. Warehousing is one name for a system based … Continue reading

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Carbon capture technology at home

Everyone is pretty much aware now that the best form of Carbon capture and storage is leaving it in the ground. That’s established as being the No. 1 vector of approach for this little issue. Leave it where it is. … Continue reading

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