Spiritual awakenings and transpersonal psychology


Stan Grof gave this talk at the SAND conference last year. If you’re not familiar with Transpersonal psychology, or psychology that overlaps into spirituality, you may find it an interesting talk. Particularly the mention of spiritual emergence and the way it is sometimes written off as psychosis.

When dissolving of the ego, I won’t use the term ego death, occurs when one is unprepared for it, that can be a strange experience. There isn’t much in the Western mythology to prepare you for it. What’s worse, there’s been a tendency in some groups to talk a lot about Lucifer appearing as an angel of light. I think that makes people unduly suspicious of what they experience when investigating transcendental meditation. It’s a particularly nasty thing to do, to sow mistrust into spirituality. Perfect love casts out all fear. If the message you’re getting is coming from a perspective of, or pushing fear and paranoia, it’s not coming from source.

The Biblical reference to Lucifer as an angel of light was a past tense. In the internal logic, he was replaced by Christ. But teaching people to question, to explore their doubts and fears, and to come to their own personal conclusions doesn’t serve the agenda of religious gate keepers. It certainly isn’t Rupert Murdoch’s agenda. If you wonder how he got in there, keep in mind the religious background to a great deal of what News Corpse publishes and the fact that Murdoch owns the world’s largest religious publishing house, Zondervan.

Here’s another video from SAND, this one’s Neal Goldsmith. He’s also involved in Transpersonal psychology.


If you’re not aware of the research into the connection between spirituality and psychedelics, which Dr Goldsmith defines as soul manifesting, there’s plenty around. 25 years’ research and more. As well as the emergence of Transpersonal psychology, the Spiritual Emergence Network and Holotropic Breathwork. There’s a substantial overlap with Eastern philosophies and Shamanism because it’s all human spirituality.


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