TPP and International trade warfare

It was with some amusement that I viewed John Oliver’s episode about the practises of Big Tobacco. Namely, one Philip Morris International. For some years now I’ve boycotted PMI and its subsidiaries. Of which there are many.


For those of you who can’t watch the whole 18 minutes right now, I’ll pick out a couple of relevant points. Do watch it when you get home. He’s hilarious. And smart. And right.

Australia has been taken to court already by Big Tobacco and we caned them. Are they taking “no” for an answer? Of course not. Like the military industrial complex, why let lives stand in the way of a profit.

Big Tobacco has a record of using old trade agreements to fuel new spurious lawsuits to push their agenda, in spite of the public well being or the representation of the Australian Government. Which was, let’s face it, surprising in itself. The Hong Kong example was strange enough, but then Ukraine? Really?

Having Ukraine suddenly involved in this right at the time when the Ukraine war has heated up, after one of its many little rest periods, stinks worse than last week’s cat food.

costa rica

Now Australia is being pressured hard to sign the TPP, provisions of which have already resulted in Big Oil suing nations like Ecuador and Costa Rica for trying to sensibly limit prospecting, development and environmental catastrophe. In the (brief) search for those links, many more turned up. In fact, there’s an entire database of corporate vultures trying to dodge accountability or sue communities into submission.

It’s bad enough that these retrogressive pinheads are trying to keep humanity shackled to an out dated economic and business system. To do it so sneakily and with such overt violence is a strong indicator of why this old system is being replaced so rapidly by everyone who is capable of putting their pants on in the morning. Well, and all the Open Source devs who work from home in their undies. Because why wouldn’t you?





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