Charlie Phillot the new Ned Kelly

Charlie Phillott was about to be kicked off his farm.

He wasn’t even behind on the mortgage. Never missed a payment. The ANZ declared they couldn’t wring enough blood out of him, so they gave him the hurry up.

“He has owned his station since 1960, nurtured it and loved it like a part of his own flesh. He is a grand old gentleman, one of the much loved and honoured fathers of his community,” Pascoe writes. “Not so long ago, the ANZ bank came and drove him off his beloved station because the drought had devalued his land and they told him he was considered an unviable risk. Yet Charlie Phillott has never once missed a single mortgage payment.”

A vet with a my face account wrote about the story. It was picked up by Mashable and other ezines. The ANZ appears to be reconsidering, or perhaps waiting for the furore to die down.

That’s how it’s done, folks. Electronic graffiti. Which is just as well because I don’t have a horse and it’s a bloody long way to Jerilderie. The lake is really nice, though.

Electronic graffiti, or memes and stories, can be used to push the development of local power and other similar projects. It’s happening world wide, now. Only a few very noisy lunar right hate preachers and a small cohort of Murdoch’s puppets are still toeing that old establishment line. It’s had it’s day. Thank Christ.

While everyone’s watching Tones fly to Darwin to open an abattoir and do pushups with some sailors, keep an eye on Charlie and those vulture bankstas. Don’t let them sleaze their way out of this. This is a test case for many, many more farmers in Australia.

But hey, Charlie got a break. That’s the point of a David and Goliath story. David’s supposed to win. We’re supposed to win. Practise it like you do your sports psychology improving your tennis serve.

Imagine you’re serving the ball to Barnaby Joyce.


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