March in March

Yes, we’re doing it again. Last year for the inaugural March in March 2014 some 50,000 Australians took to the streets to show their support for a fair go. There were three of these events and they were all well attended and popular with the press overseas. Locally, certain elements of the media predictably tried to flog folk devils, portraying citizens exercising democracy as being a bunch of crazies or extreme greens.

not st patricks dayIndications are that this year’s March is likely to be much bigger. The unnecessary austerity budget has pissed off just about everyone.

There’s a thought I’d like to add to this, while we’re all painting our t-shirts and printing off our demands. In recent weeks two State Police Commissioners have publicly distanced themselves from crooked politicians. Buggered if I can find a link to either of them, though. A funny thing happened in the news. The feed is full of sudden new enquiries.

Take a thermos of tea and your scones or apples or whatever you take for lunch. Be prepared to share it with the cops. If possible, march up into Parliament and sit in, with the cops, and represent yourselves all together as Australians demanding a fair go and an end to this stupid riding of the US coat tails down the gurgler.

It might not happen this time, but it’s on the cards. Public police forces began in Britain in the wake of the French Revolution. The joke was that it was never your interests they were there to protect and serve. In recent decades, though, the police unions have become more and more vocal about cuts to pay, conditions and numbers. What was always between the lines was the use of police to harass the public into complying with a corrupt regime. It’s one of the reasons why there’s always a certain type of cop, and the mounted police, deployed at public gatherings. The establishment knows that when the police union joins with the other unions and the rule of law is enforced at the top, which it has to be to be respected at all, the paradigm is over.

The police are among those with the biggest interest in seeing that the transition takes place smoothly, from vulture capitalism to corporate regulation that includes social and environmental costs. The majority of them signed on to ensure that everyone keeps the rules to make sure we all can get along. When the rules are so obviously corrupt, they’re in a difficult position. It will be interesting to see the police responses this year to the massive public marches.

As always, visualise yourself winning. Like you do in sport. What we’re asking for is a fair go. There’s no law against that.


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