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Well, that’s the end of my childhood. While I later came to consider that being in touch with one’s emotions is a really good thing, Spock was something of a hero to me as a kid, he was my favourite. … Continue reading

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Spiritual awakenings and transpersonal psychology

  Stan Grof gave this talk at the SAND conference last year. If you’re not familiar with Transpersonal psychology, or psychology that overlaps into spirituality, you may find it an interesting talk. Particularly the mention of spiritual emergence and the … Continue reading

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TPP and International trade warfare

It was with some amusement that I viewed John Oliver’s episode about the practises of Big Tobacco. Namely, one Philip Morris International. For some years now I’ve boycotted PMI and its subsidiaries. Of which there are many.   For those … Continue reading

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Charlie Phillot the new Ned Kelly

Charlie Phillott was about to be kicked off his farm. He wasn’t even behind on the mortgage. Never missed a payment. The ANZ declared they couldn’t wring enough blood out of him, so they gave him the hurry up. “He … Continue reading

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March in March

Yes, we’re doing it again. Last year for the inaugural March in March 2014 some 50,000 Australians took to the streets to show their support for a fair go. There were three of these events and they were all well … Continue reading

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Tesla batteries can end the private utilities’ strangle hold

Something has to. Elon Musk is now working on batteries that will serve the home solar market. This has the potential to make genuine off grid living available to a whole new class of households, possibly even tenants. Wouldn’t that … Continue reading

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The illusion of separation

Separation and loneliness is a huge issue right now. Important enough to interrupt the tech with a post about spirituality. Along with lots of discussion about meditation, in particular mindfulness, one sees articles about the outer darkness. The deep loneliness … Continue reading

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The Crimean War

You know that little dust up in Ukraine? Where that plane was shot down and our illustrious PM was going to naked Turkish wrestle a bear over it? There’s a bit of a funny story behind that. The other day … Continue reading

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Carbon capture technologies

What if we could stop making plastic out of oil, and start making it out of carbon pollution floating around in the atmosphere? That’s a good question. What if we could use all that Carbon? There are a number of … Continue reading

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Textiles bonanza

A number of industries are facing increasing pressure because of the rising awareness that humanity needs both carbon sinks, carbon based building material and fibres, and breathable oxygen. We’ve become accustomed to seeing media reports and social media awareness campaigns … Continue reading

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