Capitalist bushrangers

rail bollardsYou’ll have to excuse me. I’m having a bit of a laugh. I’m a bit sort of stunned by what Tony Abbott did on the weekend. Not normal sort of, thanks now I have to clean the monitor again stunned. More like I’ve just been held up by bushrangers.

I’m doing all this meditation and yoga to try and keep a handle on it, but I’m so stressed I can’t breathe. In the course of that dispute with my power company, I discover that they’ve hijacked my bloody power account.

I’ve spent the past few days getting my head around this, dodging public gatherings and trying to make contact with advocacy agencies. The referral I just got on the phone was to a consumer intake assessment line with an Australian council for something something. I’m a fucking academic and I’m finding that language intimidating. I can’t imagine how other folks are dealing with this. JFC.

dry damOrigin Energy have been reported to the appropriate bodies for identity theft and fraud. But what are the odds a power company is going to be held to account by the same government system that privatisation gave us?

We all know that’s not going to happen.

Let that sink in for a moment.

We all know that’s not going to happen.


Do you see the implications of this? A very small minority of the population are running roughshod over 22 million Australian citizens. And we’re letting them. We’re all so bloody stressed and divided. So busy keeping up appearances. So busy rushing to the next appointment or deadline or starting time.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI tell you what. I’ve had to start a partially liquid diet. Because it’s marketed as being something for weight control, muscle building or repair or some quackery, I can kid myself that it’s part of this health and wellness kick I’ve been on.

But the reality is that although I love home grown veggies I just don’t have the energy to work that into my day. Then I found I was wasting a lot of fresh veggies I’d bought at greengrocers in the vain hope that I’d make myself something healthy to eat. Then frozen. Now even frozen is problem, apparently.

My digestion is wrecked as a result of the constant anxiety. From the constant buzz going on around me. Every time I turn on the tellie. Every time I go down the street. Every time I talk to another human being who is also struggling to keep their heads above water.

People bury it. Australians drink so much alcohol it’s not funny. And we smoke more ganja than Jamaica, so I’m told. We’re fucking stressed. If it’s not because of the mortgage, it’s a contract job. Or deadlines. Or getting the kids through school. We are supposed to accomplish the myriad of tasks to which our day is devoted, under the black miasma that is our social construct.

Miasma might be going a bit far. But I don’t know h… Oh wait. The marketing thing. This liquid food is sold to us under the auspices that many people have trouble sticking to a diet because they don’t plan their meals during the day. They end up snacking. Or experiencing low energy. You’ve probably heard it a million times in the background somewhere. Feeling tired? Run down? Take you beaut supplement xyz and you’ll be running in the Olympics, you will.

Not only are we being constantly bombarded with advertising and media, to the point that we’re too stressed to plan our meals during the day. Now the fact that we are that stressed has become an acceptable market demand. That’s a target demographic now.

That’s how far up its own arse capitalism has crawled.

So I do apologise for the miasma image previously.

train crossingThese kleptocrats manipulate and exploit our lives even to this secondary degree now. Our lives are lived in servitude to provide for the market. We have to behave according to rules defined for us by these people. Exemplified in tabloid exposes on celebrity fashion faux pas.

They buy influence in the making of our laws. To the degree that when a private utility company commits an act of fraud most of us think it laughable that the victim would bother reporting it to police.

There’s more. This is not new. This is the same system of exploitation that’s been going on for centuries. A few wealthy individuals calling themselves aristocrats, later came to include very wealthy merchants. They usually end up knighted or something eventually. All the povvo daughters of the blue bloods had to be married off to keep the whole show afloat. They were going broke because their own system was not sustainable.Now they’re going broke again and we’re having national bailouts of banks and conglomerates and billions upon billions of dollars of subsidies and corporate welfare.

Have you ever seen a spider wasp? We have them around here. I’m not a fan. Initially I was thinking of this metaphor in connection with the farmers. How they are locked into playing according to the corporations’ and dirty politicians’ game. It’s awful how close that feeling comes. The feeling of being locked into this tiny space, enclosed. Unable to do anything else. While your life is slowly being sucked dry.

We’re very good at distracting ourselves. I can spend hours in front of this computer. And here I discover that everyone else is pissed off about this. People marched in the fucking streets. And the politicians, the puppet faces on the front of this whole shit show, have laughed it off. Protest all you like. We’ll have police drones in the cities soon.

Not to mention that whole metadata fight.

fertiliser trucksAnd it’s the same fight that’s been going on in Australia since white settlement. I’m sitting here thinking about all this and I feel like I’m starting to channel some Irish convict. Some fellow transported on a dodgy charge for being involved in political activism. Because Australia was settled by the Brits about the same time as the French revolution and the Irish were going off their fucking tits.

That would be the black armband version of the story, I suppose. The white blindfold is much more popular under contemporary Governments. Can’t go giving the convicts ideas. Make sure that flag with the Union Jack is flown prominently and that everyone associates it with untouchable, emotionally charged folklore that’s been twisted to support the Empire.

With all this meditating and reading Buddhist screeds I feel like I’m channelling Ned Kelly. Which is odd. Also because I’m not a fan of the Kelly myth. The point of a David and Goliath story is supposed to be David winning. But it’s the same fight Ned was in when those mortgages were burnt. It was that same system. Those same fucking Brits that he was fed up with seeing walk all over his family’s and friends’ lives.

And on the weekend a British bloke who is PM somehow knighted the Queen’s squeeze. In public. He’s taking the piss now. That’s how untouchable he thinks he is. Because he’ll get voted out or replaced, then after an appropriate period serving as a lightning rod for all our ire, he’ll slink away into a retirement on the US lecture circuit. Talking about the uses of religion in politics. Like John Howard did. And another one will come along and try to tweak the script just enough that we buy it a bit longer.

new growthThere’s more. It’s not even Ned’s fight. It goes back further than that. Peasant uprisings began in the 15th century after the black plague. That’s how long humanity has been trying to grow out of this shit.

The system is rigged. It morphed from feudalism into a vulture capitalism that isn’t much different. Like a hydra putting out new heads. Still hydra heads. Same animal.

They’re terrified of the internet now because it gives revolting peasants the world over the potential to envisage and create something new. To set up networks of local community groups that will use online forums to organise production, transport and distribution of the things they produce. And we can make changes in our individual lives and prefer to do business with those networks.

It’s already happening. How many farmers’ markets do you know of? How many markets? How many movements like organic or fair trade? We’re already doing it. That’s why the volume in the media is so loud now. Why we’re cycling from terrorism to child abuse to hackers to bikies every other week. To keep us under that cloud and keep us too stressed and isolated. I don’t know how they think they’re going to keep a lid on it. Events like this power dispute drive that movement on nitrous.

Funnily enough, that’s imushroom in the pathn our basic psychology. All your hormones and little neuro transmitters are designed to function in a group. We’re a gregarious great ape species. Our bodies do this as a result of our millions of years of evolution. We have emotional reactions designed to facilitate life in a group.

One of these is anger. We get angry when something is pushing our boundaries. It can be emotional or physical harm, our minds and bodies don’t distinguish. The hormonal effects are the same. Anger gives us the energy to push back against that encroachment. It is not a negative emotion. Patriarchal religion loves to play it that way. Of course. But by being honest with yourself you can put your finger on what it is that’s grating your cheese. If you’re a grown up, you should be able to use your anger as a shape charge, not a nuke. A quick wetware hack, if you’re really feeling the pressure, is hugs. Physical contact generates the chemicals that buffer stress hormones and regulate your whole mental system.

Use the energy that your evolution has gifted you with to make the changes you need to make. The stress we’re living with is a result of us not acting naturally on our anger and telling the vampire squid to fuck off. But we can’t live with that level of stress and there’s no reason why we should.

In our subconscious are a whole bunch of archetypes and symbols that date back further than the dominator social structure. We weren’t always bullied like this. It’s one of the reasons why stories like David and Goliath have stuck around. That story, as it happens, came from an even older one of Egyptian origin. Sinuhe, his name was. And he won.

Funny how Australian folklore has preserved the story of the struggle but not the victory. Maybe we should talk about Eddie Mabo a bit more? Maybe we need some new ones altogether? Some from current generations and living memory. Some who fought back against the corrupt politicians and won. There’s always Mamdouh Habib.

We can’t keep going with these robber barons dictating our daily, even our personal lives. Because affecting whether or not people stomach solid food is a pretty personal intrusion.

The projects going on at shire and council level are of huge potential. That’s a good level of network to focus on. Connecting with people from around your own neighbourhood. Get those sustainable networks and projects going and use the technology we have available to organise our own business. That includes building positive energy net developments. Those provide for people who are time rich and money poor to put their skills and abilities to our best advantage. It over rides the problems caused by lack of social collateral (respect and ownership). It leads to turning personal satisfaction and social collateral into a more central motivator than money. And it provides a useful outlet for your anger. As shape charges go, you’d have to admit, that’s a fair knock.

I’m interested to serural raile how this is going to play out in the next couple of years. I’d be surprised if it takes much more. By the end of this decade we’ll be talking about this stuff openly and taking on projects that would beggar the imagination now. I’ll give you a hint. Robotics.

Ahem. The keg is primed in Australia. Irish political activists were shipped out here en masse and bred like Catholics. Then we got wave after wave of people who’d survived the 1st and 2nd World Wars. Then Asian and African people. Mostly from war zones. The people who survived. The people who weren’t killed or beaten. And we’ve been breeding and intermingling for over 200 years. No bloody wonder there’s so much racist bullshit in the media. When we realise we’re fighting the same fight, against the same small group of self appointed aristocrats, it’s all over bar the shouting.

And no one even needs to go into the street. It will be the quietest revolution in the history of history. Accompanied by the quiet tapping of keyboards. People talking to each other. Setting up networks of food, power and housing. Plugging others into the networks as they come along. Encouraging trade in basic materials so people can get into productive work. Handcrafts of all types. Automation will follow because not every business person is a right royal arsehole who is willing to put money ahead of the future of life on this planet. It’s not like a bee hive of grandmothers. It’s a market. It’s a business forum. It’s a trade show.

roadside advertisingSo yeah. I did report Origin Energy for identity theft and fraud. It will be interesting to see what it’s like dealing with these consumer intake assessment people. There might be advocacy somewhere in there. I’m contacting them as a disabled Grandmother who’s having panic attacks and can’t sleep because of the power companies but they’re sort of getting the ghost of Ned Kelly along with it. I’m still too overwhelmed to take it seriously at the moment. The mental reframing of dread as enthusiasm to see where this might go is a bit of a process. It’s emotional. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

I started having dreams about Ned Kelly months before the whole power thing arced up. Then the prophet Mohammed appeared in dreams to me, a night either side of the Martin Place siege, talking about peace and justice. Natural justice. The kind that’s on your side. The kind the Kelly’s were hoping for and didn’t get.

Instead of repeating the stories of the wild colonial boys that the overseers put down, we’ll be making up new ones. Our own.

Sleep well, Ned. We’ll take it from here.


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