hunger a matter of justice

Hunger is not an issue of charity it is an issue of justice.

I’m considering this in light of what’s happening in the Australian bush. The supermarket duopoly and trade laws mean farmers get squat for their produce. Imagine humping a tractor 18 hours a day to grow food, which is a bloody productive thing to do, only to rock up at the cool store and be told “Sorry mate, pears are worth $6 a tonne this year.”

Then the banks throw them off their land.

Agriculture is 10,000 years old, give or take. Everything else we do is based on having enough food. All our cities, our culture, our music, our business, everything is dependent upon farming. And we let the global kleptocracy treat them like shit.

There’s something seriously wrong with those values.

Let’s make new ones. Or perhaps rediscover some that went out of favour with the free market.

Thankyou, farmers.



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