What the media isn’t saying about China

China-Experiment-in-Permaculture-Offers-World-HopeWhile catching up on China’s environmental vision, I was struck by just how much there was. Yet almost none of it was in the Mainstream media. If you use the Internet at all you will have seen all sorts of stories about renewable development in China. Those who rely on print and television for their news, though, are getting the odd peep about how polluted it is or how they’re playing cold war games. Buried in the much more important discussion about the demise of the page three girls.

china-winsun-3d-printed-villa-six-floor-building-3d-printing-3ders-3You would think that a Chinese company signing a deal to3D print houses in the US, Africa and Asia would headline for days. (You might even think it would inspire English speaking leaders with some sort of vision.)

You’d think that Sinopec, the Chinese oil company, would be in the news with the technology announcements it’s made. Do these things even appear in the business news on television these days? Looking through the headlines what you see is mostly folk devil du jour, bikers, terrorists, socialists, disabled people, extreme greens, lazy youth or greedy pensioners. Then there’s a viral video from the internet. Then there’s more horror, living on the knife edge to see if your mortgage is going to go up or down this quarter. Or whether you’re likely to be out of work at the drop of a hat because everyone’s on contracts because that will stimulate the banksters.

It’s a sort of bizarre pantomime. The spin doctors and policy think tanks make this shit up. Everyone knows the Iraq war was a result of a con. That the US involvement in the Middle East is a stand over job. We know that. But the media keep repeating bald faced lies on repeat in 24 hour news channels. Or flat out provocation. Like the majority shareholder of Fox, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, was the financial backer of the Ground Zero mosque.

Rupert-Murdoch-with-Prince AlwaleedWhat isn’t in that news is all the progress people are making. All the good decisions being made by Governments and corporations all around the world.

This is my hobby horse. Observing that we, the people of this planet, are already turning it around. We’re already doing projects from Permaculture and Transition Towns. We have been for 20 odd years. Some for a lot longer. And in all fairness, a fair few of us never stopped.

We have incredible technology. We have new ideas and old traditions being rediscovered. We have these things given freely. Everything from free-cycle to Open Source.

police-chase1The white lawmen are afraid of this. They worked their way up that corporate ladder and it is their reality. They keep doing the things that fed their addiction. They do it more. They do it harder. They militarise it. And they do it in your ear at full volume, 24 hours a day. No wonder you’re stressed. We’re all bloody stressed. Everyone either can’t sleep or has panic attacks or indigestion.

The button pushing is trying to hold the old paradigm together while the new is already replacing it. Like a mushroom coming up through a paved path. You can’t hold that back. We are aware that the illusion of the media is only an illusion. More and more people are turning it off and looking for groups to join or spending their time on the internet. We are looking for replacements to the media and political propaganda systems. Video diaries about politics and society are popping up like measles.

Fu-ChengyuWhile Murdoch sticks with a social model that peaked with Georgian England, the rest of the world and a large and growing proportion of average citizens are building the 21st century.

It’s happening. Do a few of your own searches on sustainable development and have a look at the corporate pages that come up in response. There are businesses out there, too, looking for a way forward. As people make their wishes known via social media and other forums we’ll see less greenwash and more real innovation. The vision is coming from the people in the community. We can afford to try and experiment at the local level with appropriate changes. We have the familiarity, motivation and proximity to run projects that can make a real difference for ourselves. The greater the cohesion within communities, the quicker we’ll be able to make real overhauls. Our own networks and neighbourhoods will buffer us against uncertainty. We remember that we have evolved to cooperate and adapt.

These ideas are trickling up. Fringe technology obsessed over by people with gothic complexions is now seen as a market for a company of the calibre of Sinopec. The bleeding edge is in the garage. If not with soldering irons, with open source CAD/CAM.

Because it’s obvious now that the old paradigm has had its day. New models and values are rising to prominence. Less monopoly and domination. More distributed systems and management. Less fear, more attraction. Less fabricated scarcity, more abundance by design. Less hostile take overs and more cooperation between networks of SMEs. Can I use the term Zaibatsu? The bottom line won’t be the bottom line any more. It will be mostly the things we used to write off as externalities. Smart business people are aware of this and looking for opportunities to move forward. We even have private business developing electric cars and reusable space launchers. Transition Towns are creating their own local economies.

The three news articles that provoked this little rant are the WinSun villa, the Sinopec announcement and the Chinese electric car.

While these things were happening, the news cycle in Australia was swapping from Muslim terrorists to bikers to hacking as your emotional whiplash inducer for this evening.

If you were still trying to life according to Murdoch you’d be rapidly left behind. Stuck in a never ending cycle of life on the treadmill. Going through the motions to pay off a mortgage. Watching the Earth around you polluted and degraded. Seeing little or no future for your kids and Grandkids. Wondering why you even bother.

Fortunately we are aware that the media is an empty tin. The propaganda is made up and we can remake the story any time we like. As I say like a mantra, we’re already doing it. Have a look at the Transition Towns in your country, or region. Talk to friends about a project that might work locally. And do so in the confidence that you’re joining millions of people all over the planet who have had enough of business as usual and want to create an abundant, secure future for all of humanity.


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