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death star NomoonThis really grabbed my attention. 3D printed speakers that look like the Death Star from Star Wars.

NOMOON is software designed for a 3D printer that will print out whatever you like. If it’s round.

“Nomoon can create spherical speaker enclosures of any volume,” says Olson. “You can configure things like wall thickness, bass port dimensions, number of screw holes, etc. They work great as little desktop speakers. These are pretty capable drivers — and should work well in a bigger system with a subwoofer.”

star 2Part of any community is a local library and community centre. These places are hubs of resources that operate outside private business or ideological organisations. 3D printers would be a hugely valuable resource to include at community hubs in village or urban developments.

A printer in a home spends 99% of its time just sitting there, waiting to be thrown out and replaced because the cartridges got discontinued. This generates wasteful manufacturing processes, shipping and huge amounts of rubbish. Think how much oil we’d save if home printers weren’t a thing?

electronic-waste-in-guangdong-4279Since 3D printers are now very versatile, including the system NASA used to make parts for a rocket, why not make use of them? Put a bunch of them in the local library and community centre. Have books or guides of all the different designs that are available. Have recycling hoppers in the centre next door, so people can drop their old stuff off for recycling as they’re coming in to get a new gadget. People can meet there. Share stories of things that have worked and things that haven’t. Argue over iPhones or Androids. Help less savvy users find what they’re looking for. Or finally meet a few of the bookworms in town and see them in daylight.

800px-State_Library_of_Victoria_-_left_sideYour local Otaku and Fujoshi will be hard at work making sure the designs work and are kept up to date. They’ll have online reputations staked on it. The same folks who spent years of work hours developing free Open Source software like this speaker program. From their cosy rooms in the pos-net village where everyone lives rent free and bills free.

Can you tell I’m looking forward to the future?

Sinopec, the Chinese petrochemical company, have just announced that they’re going to start developing 3D printing material. China is unconstrained by Murdoch’s climate debate lunacy and is rapidly becoming the world leader in sustainable innovation. Given the instability in oil prices and the pollution issues China is facing, Sinopec have all the incentive in the world to use bio-plastics. Their refineries could soon contain vats of algae rather than crude oil. Or sourced from hemp, since it has the versatility to produce such a wide variety of products and the whole plant is used. That approach helps alleviate the kind of production issues that have plagued corn bio-fuels.


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