river trees

There’s this feeling of separation and loneliness that pervades Western culture. Even down to the idea that humans were a separate order of creation and somehow set apart from the rest of nature. Nature was fallen and we had to seek heaven, or some such. Good gatekeeping. Shit psychology.

riding-horses-barebackWe are surrounded and even permeated by other minds. The mind of the bacteria in your gut might not be the kind you can communicate with, true, but there’s something going on there. It’s alive. Even cockroaches have enough nerves to form a basic neural net, apparently. And our pets. Interactions with other animal species fascinate us.

ape460The entire planet’s ecosystem is alive and interacting. We participate in this planet wide network of life. As the tiny blue marble, with its delicate coating of moist atmosphere, travels through space. Of course we’re connected. We’re all connected. The impression of separation was just a trip.


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