Well I hope you died quick and I hope you died clean. Unlike those who will stand on IEDs in Afghanistan or Iraq, in service to Halliburton, and live the rest of their lives with no legs or under bridges because the same people who voted to send them to war also voted to cut welfare to support vets, families and housing. Because if you don’t survive you’re a poor competitor, or something. Not that they’ve ever attempted to compete in such a field. Not that their sons and daughters will be cannon fodder.

Or canon fodder.

But war’s good for the economy. And that’s more important than your life. Or legs.

Sign up today to fight the Muslim terrorists. Rupert Murdoch said so.

Not that any of his kids will be enlisting. And he’ll make a shitload out of reporting about your death. Be sure to have your Mother put on a real show, weeping in public and shaking the hand of the Prime Minister. If he even bothers to turn up.

He’ll probably be too busy attending one of Joe Hockey’s steak dinners.

And the boat people will be in the news that week anyway, so tough luck if you wanted a memorable memorial. What the hell. It’s only oil. It’s only the working class.

The same week as the Murdoch media announced a new campaign against the CFMEU. Because anyone who stands up for fair pay and adequaate safety and conditions at work is now an enemy of the State. In Abbott’s new Australia.

Lest we forget.

What were we fighting for, again?


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