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Someone said to me today,

They can have my metadata when I can see all of big business’.

To which I added, and that of Parliamentarians.

But there’s a problem with that. The issue with metadata retention is, as Scott Ludlam has correctly pointed out, not about having something to hide. It’s about basic privacy.

You have curtains in your windows. You have a door on the bedroom. You have a door on the dunny. You put pants on when you leave the house. You dress in a particular way to go to work.

Humans are a gregarious ape species. We have evolved with emotional buffers called personal boundaries. Privacy is one aspect of these boundaries. In order to keep your sanity and safeguard your emotional and maybe physical well being, you have personal boundaries. And your privacy is part of that.

Western culture is particularly bad at personal boundaries and there’s a few big reasons for that which I won’t go into here. But taking the curtains out of everyone’s windows will not make us safer. It will fuck with our heads.

Especially while the so called representatives in Parliament won’t accept a Federal ICAC.

The basis of the rule of law is that there is judicial oversight even of parliament and the application of legislation. Appropriate checks and balances. The basis of civil law is that it is applied equally to everyone. If you are charged with a crime or if there is probable cause, then a warrant can be sought for relevant information, under the provision of those checks and balances.

So on two counts this proposed metadata storage bill is unacceptable. It is an unacceptable invasion of privacy. It is not respecting the rule of law.

At this point I really think we need some general strikes and peaceful non-compliance. The Abbott Government is running rough shod over Democratic processes that were put in place for good reason and have stayed in place for many years.

Get a warrant. After you’ve had your day in Federal ICAC. Stop the spies.

And what did happen to Brian Loughnane’s involvement passing money under the table in NSW? Where’s all the data on that?


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