Ladies, Gentlemen and variations thereupon, I present the leader of the Opposition, Senator Scott Ludlam.

I could go into all sorts of arguments about having curtains in windows or putting on pants before you leave the house… But you know all that. The fact is that this Government is ignoring the rule of law when it suits them, in contempt of court regarding School Chaplains and Asylum seekers. Then with the other hand, enforcing the kind of jackboot legislation that made the Stasi possible.

Funny how the Mad Monk and George “bigot” Brandis will tell Australians “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” But then when their turn at ICAC comes around, they’re covering their arses with three hands and using every distraction known to humanity.

Start a war to take the electorate’s mind off the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff being named and implicated for passing cash under the table? That’s nothing to these geniuses. More backflips than the Olympic gymnastics competition. And the Murdoch media plays right along.

38 votes.

Stop the spies. Locate your representatives and send e-mail or tweet them. Or use the Parliament Website to find contact details. Send them a snail mail. Postcard is good. Send a fax. Or make a phone call. I’m a fan of the post card idea. Print out an image of the Guy Fawkes mask on a bit of cardboard and write a little note on the back. Something along the lines of “piss off you peeping tom.”

I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of this shit. As my old friend would say, I’m full up to pussy’s bow. I think the English equivalent of that is “fed up to the back teeth with this bullshit.”

The same people who are running like cockroaches rather than have a little light shone on their own activities want to keep your data in storage for two years, at your expense. There’s been no announcement yet as to who’s going to be going through all that data. It doesn’t work to automate it. The US NSA had Echelon in place before the September 11 plane thingie, and didn’t stop it. They had ramped up security after that and didn’t stop the Boston bombing. Nor has it stopped the weekly mass shootings.

Rather than mandatory data retention, a really, really good way to reduce the danger of “terrorism” would be to stop bombing and invading other people’s countries and stealing their resources.

Sadly, our mediaeval era Government hasn’t thought of that. They haven’t thought of a lot of things. As to the ALP and Bill Shorten, they’re just MIA. Thank Christ FSM for Scott Ludlam. Please send a post card to your Reps and tell them to pull their heads in. This is not 1984. This is not Big Brother. We want a Federal ICAC before anything remotely like this is even considered.

There is no reason to have all this information recorded about where we are and who we’re talking to every minute of every day. It won’t make us safer. And it certainly doesn’t serve to have all that information in the hands of people who are not prepared to make themselves accountable to the people they’re supposed to be representing.


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