Andrew Wilkie responds to the Brandis Stasi laws.

This is incredible. It was bad enough that the security legislation would gag the media and allow for whistle blowers to be disappeared.

But permitting a spy agency to run around kicking doors in with no oversight, no police accompaniment and no court accountability or possibility for redress… This is creating the Stasi.

And all because the Liberal Party’s finances are in the ICAC spotlight. Goodness, George, those must be some fascinating skeletons you’re trying to distract us from.

The Catholics on the front bench are such good Christians that it’s worth it to them to go to war, bombing men, women and children, and castrate the nation’s judicial oversight of security, to distract the public from ICAC and the budget. And the Murdoch media, Murdoch being also supportive of the Catholic church, is happy to enable them.

In a just world, there’s a special place in hell for these wretches.


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