Leave the money on the fridge, Winthrop.

Dear Winthrop. I used to patronise a chemist that sells your products. I used to go there for all my prescriptions. Since this Dr Angela Lanfranchi who is the spokes orc at World Congress of wankspanners Families is employed by your Aventis institution and our Government insists on ignoring the separation of church and state, I have no other choice than to vote as a consumer and no longer shop there or use any of your products. Best wishes for the future.

From the SMH article regarding Senator Eric “40 applications a month” Abetz and these fundamentalist excrement:

The abortion-breast cancer theory has been rejected by Cancer Australia, the World Health Organisation, the US National Cancer Institute, Britain’s Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, and health authorities in Victoria and NSW. Senator Abetz, who is openly anti-abortion, is involved with this year’s “World Congress of Families” event to be held in Melbourne this month. One of the topics to be discussed is abortion and breast cancer.

Winthrop and Sanofi Aventis are a conglomerate.

That same WCF support the anti-gay laws in Uganda and Russia. I know I joke about our Government thinking it’s the 1750’s, but really. This is just beyond the pale.


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