Paramedic protest Stat!

Ambulance protest

All the ambulances around here are currently decorated with political graffiti. This one is about paramedics being taken to court by the State Government, (Yes we’re looking at you Denis Napthine) to keep them from talking to the media about cuts to funding and conditions.

See, we have money to spend on private prisons, on perks for politicians, on social media campaigns, on subsidies for big business. But we don’t have money to pay those who care for us when our lives are at stake. In fact, we take these people for granted and treat them like they’re disposable.

Of course if we legalised cannabis we could use the savings in the health budget to adequately fund and pay the ambulance service. But then how would be find enough people to fill the private prisons? And never mind that the war on drugs has never worked anywhere, ever, we’ll just keep throwing billions of dollars at it in cheap stunts to get lazy, useless politicians like Denis Napthine re-elected.

I promised the guys in the ambulance that I’d blog the photo and stick it up the Liberals. For those of you who are overseas, the Liberal Party in Australia is actually retrogressive like the Republicans in the US. Even the party name is a blatant lie. Rather than invest in funding and services that could make Australia safer and more secure for everyone, they’ll cut spending on necessary public services in order to give tax breaks to their wealthy mates.

If I’d wanted to live in the US I’d have moved there. Give me back my Australia of the fair go and a bloody community where people looked out for each other. This social Darwinism of poor competitors and rich parasites is a bloody disaster. Kill it before it kills the entire planet.


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