Coconut oil as deodorant.

coconut-oilI’ve been hearing about this for a while, from various people. This week I finally tried it. I can’t believe how well it works!

When I say “oil” it’s not like the olive oil you pour into a pan but I guess no one’s going to go for “coconut lard” these days. We haven’t sufficiently overcome the misinformation about fat that led to the HFCS boom.

Some of you will have a laugh that it took me so long to try it, since so many people are talking about coconut oil and finding it to be so good. Not only is it effective, it’s cheap and so much better than the aluminium based deodorants. Quite frankly, I’m amazed.

I’ve put a spoonful in a little container in the bathroom, rather than stand in the pantry every morning. It only takes a small amount to do the job as a deodorant but the stuff is also great for dry skin and a tiny bit melted on your fingers works beautifully to calm frizzy hair. The one I have is a refined, organic coconut oil. It has no fragrance at all. Some of my friends have some other type, perhaps the unrefined one? Anyways, one woman said there was a subtle smell, like the neighbour was baking cookies. It certainly doesn’t get in the way of perfume or fragrance.

Hopefully humanity will manage to organise growing coconuts in a more sustainable manner than the palm oil plantations that are causing enormous damage to the environment. Perhaps the fact that a little goes a long way will be a selling point for coconut oil? There’s quite a few brands of Fair Trade coconut oil available, thankfully. Of course rethinking dominator culture and colonialism will help more. In the long run, that’s the only way forward for us unless we want to live in a poisoned wasteland in perpetual war. That’s a fine future if you’re a psychopath but for the 99.9% of humanity who don’t own oil fields and who actually give a damn about each other and the environment it’s a flat out nightmare.

Good thing we have alternatives. Good thing we can get networking and organise ourselves to take the Transition Towns movement, permaculture and sustainable design to the next level now. And if that sounds contrived, well, it is. I’m living in Australia at the moment, watching what our elected representatives are doing with the environment and social welfare and I must say, it’s depressing in the extreme. To see 17th century ideologies promoted and informing governance in the 21st, at a time when we could be using research based policy to resolve our problems… I’m struggling to stay positive right now. Small victories, like realising you can use a safe, non-toxic, natural product as a really effective deodorant, are worth writing about.

And if it means the big mining and smelting companies, not to mention the international banking kleptocracy that organised warehousing of metals in order to fabricate scarcity, take a hit in their profits… All the better. To think there are people apparently lucid enough to put their pants on in the morning, who think that a dollar is more important than breathable air or drinkable water… It’s mind boggling how artificial some people’s lives have become. We’re a gregarious primate species that evolved over 3 million years walking around in extended family groups. Now days we put on pants and go to “work” in a cube farm or on mahogany row, and think that we’re some how separate from the rest of the ecosystem. Every time a tornado wipes out a town, it’s a reminder that we are just as much a part of life on this planet as a cockroach. And in some cases, it would seem, about as sentient.


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