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The population of Colorado is about 5.2 million. They legalised cannabis and in a week turned over more than $5 million in sales. Victoria’s population is about 5.8 million. If we legalise cannabis and all the sellers donate their profit for two weeks, we could pay for the SPC Ardmona support and have another 50 weeks to go.

rupert murdoch

Oh wait. It was $10 million that the Abbott Federal Government couldn’t find, although they managed to give Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd a $882 million rebate on top of tax loopholes, the Napthine gub in Victoria is talking about $22 million. Okay, so that’s a month of profit. And again, still the other eleven to kick in GST and related spending.

AN $882M TAX REBATE received by Rupert Murdoch’s (pictured) News Corporation from Australia is set to reignite the debate over how much tax is paid by international corporations.

The reliefs were related to a $2bn (£1.2bn) claim for historic losses made on currency transactions made by its Australian subsidiaries, a disclosure made in the US revealed. The payment was originally expected to be in the region of $600m, but grew to $882m after interest.

That’s including interest, although it was paid to a new company formed under the Murdochistan split last year. Which begs the question: If we have a free market and small businesses are failing all over the place because the market just doesn’t want them, why is a nation having to bail out a media magnate when the market has spoken?

Jobs for the boys, eh Tones?


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