Post employment and the new paradigm

For a while now I’ve been researching and writing essays on the transition that humanity is currently undergoing. It’s not a matter of waiting for change to occur. We’re in the midst of change right now. All over the planet grass roots movements and organisations are springing up. No, you don’t see much about them on tellie, but that’s the mouthpiece for the obsolete dominator paradigm. You wouldn’t expect the Murdochracy to be championing post-employment.

Frederico Pistono has written Robots will steal your job and that’s OK. I disagree. It’s not only OK, it’s fantastic! And if you think about it for a moment, the only thing keeping you from agreeing with me is the worry about debt. If you didn’t have to wonder where your mortgage/rent/car loan/bills/food payments are coming from you’d throw in your job right now, wouldn’t you?

And the debt overhaul is happening too.

Enjoy Frederico’s video. I’ll explain about the debt thing in another essay, or you can look up the Occupy debt buy-backs. This is an exciting time to be alive.


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