Contour crafting.

Imagine 3D printing your own home in 20 hours. Imagine using something like a game engine to design a home. Like adobe? Like minimalist? Prefer ornate gothic? Want colour built in? How would you lay the cables through various walls so the rooms have fibre-optic and power? Include water catchment and connection mounts for solar? Include a greenhouse with bio-plastic “glass” panels?

How fortunate that so many kids these days enjoy spending time on computers instead of making mud pies.

And when hemp crete and bio-plastics become reusable with those 3D printer hoppers, if you don’t like it you can just throw it all in the mulcher and start over. As a bonus the hemp for hemp crete can be grown just about anywhere, without much water or pesticides etc. so there’s very little in the way of transporting materials.

This is fantastic.


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