Gutter garden.

Just because racking up the 120th post was nagging at me.

The picture came from a post in the gardening reddit, about a small space salad garden.

What a fantastic idea! It would be particularly good on the south side of a fence that doesn’t get a whole lot of direct sun in summer. That’s when you want your salad greens but the heat and sun normally make those plants bolt straight to seed before you get to eat much of them. Bolt a few pipes or old gutters onto upright poles rather than straight against the fence, to allow for a bit of air flow. Notice how these are arranged with a slight tilt so the water can drain out of one into the next beneath it? With a dripper in the top you can water the whole lot automatically.

You could go hydroponic, but most salad greens will grow to an edible size with a root system that will easily grow in the dirt you can fit in a gutter.

And at this point anyone who’s ever cleaned out an old gutter is remembering the amount of dirt that can fit in there, haha. Yep. It adds up to quite a bit.

Make sure your fence or frame can take the weight of it.

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2 Responses to Gutter garden.

  1. mary says:

    Wondering about the chemicals leaching out of the gutters into the plants. Gutters were never made to grow human food in them.

    • Syburi says:

      If that’s a concern choose pipes and guttering designed for use with drinking water. Lots of pipe and gutter are made for catching tank water off roofs or bringing water into the house.

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