An important message to the interwebs

If you’re not interested in US politics, you can probably skip this one. Although it is kinda funny. It’s a fantastic example of talking back to the system that seeks to exclude citizens in favour of corporate money.

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Thank you trollfessor from reddit for the post below – it is reproduced entirely from this comment on reddit:

Not completely sure how it works, but evidently if you link Santorum with the web site then that tends to keep Santorum name properly associated with the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.

Something about Google bots picking up Santorum’s name each time Santorum is mentioned and linked online like that.

So to review, when you link Santorum with the web site then that tends to keep Santorum’s name properly associated with the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.

Evidently this happens every time Santorum’s name is mentioned and linked online, so please be careful when you do mention Santorum’s name, and especially when you may associate Santorum with the web site and then further reference Santorum with the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this notice about Santorum.

End crosspost.

So, um, why all the hate? Rick Santorum is a right-wing religious bigot who, if elected, would be an absolute disaster for the US and many other places. Living in Australia we’ve seen far too many idiot policies transferred over from a beginning in the US. John Howard imported US style religious politics and we swallowed the lies to follow them into wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Privatisation of utilities and telecommunications was another “global influence” we could well have done without. The last thing Australia needs is a bunch of imbeciles demanding laws that prevent women from obtaining contraception, or throwing them in prison for life if they have an abortion. We’ve only just managed to drag ourselves out of the dark ages with regards to gay marriage equality.

I’m having a bit of a giggle at the whole GOP line up right now. A friend on G+ described them as “a parade of the window licking shortbus crowd” and I must say, I quite agree. You’ve never heard such bigotry and dog-whistling, since, oh since Tony Abbott was last interviewed. If everyone is crazy, I guess crazy starts to seem normal. Otherwise why would you have leading candidates vying for leadership of the most powerful nation on the planet because a voice in their head told them to? Why would they be advocating dismantling even the residue of restraints on a market system that engineered the global financial crisis?

Of course, when the next Australian Federal election rolls around and the press are straight faced interviewing the pack of also-rans and bottom dwellers that compose the vast majority of Australian political life, I won’t be laughing quite so hard.

Why even consider these outdated, narrow minded religious tenets as political issues when we’re facing crises of homelessness, pollution, farm land salination, skills shortages, chronic unemployment, cuts in science and research funding, lack of mental health care and endemic violence exacerbated by the war on some drugs? Australia’s constitution allows for freedom of religion, (indirectly freedom from religion). So let’s start acting like grown ups and get on with addressing real problems rather than allowing lazy politicians and greedy media to vomit up the same old distractions over and over again.


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2 Responses to An important message to the interwebs

  1. Chelsea Heaps says:

    You got it spot on.

    • Syburi says:

      Thanks. It’s a perspective I’ve come to after decades of watching the same tripe come up over and over again. Serious social issues take a back seat to anything stupidly provocative that can be sold quickly with knee-jerks and dog-whistling. It’s pathetic.

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