Yarn bombing and retro creativity

Yarn bombing. Yes, it is a thing. A kind of textile street art installation, where outdoor features or objects are decorated with knitting or crochet. Sometimes it comes with a connection to a social justice campaign, to draw attention to a situation. A bit like stencil art and graffiti, but you can take it down later and maybe recycle the yarn. Yarn is tricky like that.

There’s an International Yarn Bombing Day every year on June 11th.

From Rebel Yarns – A community art action blog.

During Occupy Wall Street there have been a few people knitting. This woman is making items for the protesters that will no doubt go to good use in the cold weather. At one stage a bunch of people were knitting US flag blankets for the homeless.

It brought to mind the image of yarn bombing as a protest… Though in this case it might be better described as “Yarn Storm” lest overzealous security types imagine problems. Can’t you picture the Veterans for Peace and Marine veterans hanging around crocheting and knitting to add colour and presence to the parks and protests? For some reason I have the idea stuck in my twisted little mind now.

Turns out Combat Knitters is also a thing. Who knew?


Apparently it’s already been thought of.

Though I’ve been knitting and crocheting since my beloved, now departed, Grandmother first taught me an embarrassing number of years ago, it’s still been a surprise to see the way people are rediscovering these crafts. Gen Y are inventing the most amazing 3D creations depicting popular characters from cartoons and video games. It’s hilarious to see.

I’ll leave this with a link to the images from the crocheting subreddit so you can have a look at others’ work if you’re inclined. So many ideas, so few fingers.


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