Tea in Australia

Perfect Summer holiday feed.

My Son came to visit just prior to the real silly season. Since it was getting pretty hot and neither of us felt like cooking much, here’s one of the dinners we slapped up.

Rare kangaroo fillet steak on an open sandwich. Some people find roo to have a strong taste. Personally I don’t find it much different to lamb. I’m not a big meat eater, for several reasons including animal welfare, cost and local/organic preference. Most of the time when there is meat on the menu it’s seasoned with garlic and herbs, so the taste is more like French anyway.

With a Coopers sparkling ale this went down really well. All of ten minutes cooking time. My mouth is watering again thinking about it…


About Syburi

Witch, bitch, creatrix; hippie, dreamer, gardener. Lover of books, music, rescue animals, piss and vinegar.
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