Another Ode to tree houses

Well, it’s been a quiet winter so far on the blogging front. The chooks have settled in very nicely, probably too nicely! The kitchen garden is a mess. None of the wom bok grow much leaf at all before the chooks come through and eat the lot. Should’ve got ducks. Never mind. Although this winter was supposed to be wetter than usual, there’s been bugger all rain. So nothing much is growing in the front yard other than the three little gossamer wattles. At this point I’m reconsidering what to do with it, and have ordered some seeds for woad and madder. Dyers’ herbs. Herbs usually need quite a bit less water than veggies, so that might be an acceptable compromise until there’s water available. Half an acre of herb garden will be fun!

In the meantime I’ve been daydreaming about treehouses again. Busyboo, like everyone else, is writing about Finca Bellavista. That’s the mob in Costa Rica who are building an entire town of treehouses and it’s all one hundred percent eco-friendly and sustainable, from the organic gardens to the living houses to the solar, micro-hydro and biodigestive septic systems. Needless to say, people are queueing up to move there. More than 300 acres of rainforest… Yep, what a daydream!

More from Busyboo’s treehouse section.

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