I hate creeping lawn grasses

Looks nice and green, doesn’t it? Considering dogs and kids and everyone/thing runs around on it… Have a closer look at that garden edging. All that grass spreading into the garden where strawberries should be. That was weeded to perfection only ten days ago.

The borders here are concrete, rock and bricks. None of these slow this grass down at all. It’s a variety that is sometimes called buffalo and sometimes called couch. But couch also gets called paspalum. Anyways, it is marketed as being a nice, robust grass in high traffic areas. The reality is that if you plant it, you’re setting yourself up for a *lot* of work. It grows very quickly and needs to be mowed frequently. It also grows in creepers that spread into garden beds, strangling other plants and growing like vines up fences and trees. It is also notorious for causing skin allergies in dogs.

This is a couple of pieces of newspaper folded over and dug in along the edges to about the depth of the shovel blade. Probably about 8 inches. In the past this has been more effective, though not permanent, in controlling the spread of those grasses.

This pile of grass roots was pulled out of that small section next to the west wall.

With Permaculture our preference would be to have little or no lawn area like this and all food plants, medicinal herbs and ground-covers. It’s a much more sustainable, integrated system. Lawns are one of the least sustainable garden covers you can have, with the exception of concrete and stones. Somebody’s making a *lot* of money out of garden stones and it’s a bloody waste of space.

If you have a bare patch of yard and are thinking of putting something down, how about a heap of mulch? There is a myriad of gorgeous groundcovers and low growing herbs that can be planted in a mulch bed. Thymes, oregano, marjoram, prostrate rosemary, some of the mints… And flowering herbs. The benefit is that it doesn’t need mowing. If you choose herbs that don’t spread voraciously, like mint, then you don’t need to do much weeding. And you’ll be able to pick them for use in the kitchen. Beats pulling runners out of the fence every weekend.

I’ve actually made up a video of this for youtube, after someone was asking if I do garden vids. After playing it back it sounds like a bloody whinge, so it can go up later when there’s nicer ones. On the weekend I took some video of the Girgarre farmers’ market and that should be posted soon… But with ADSL it takes something like 5 hours to upload 6 minutes of 480x res video. Never mind. The pictures are working well enough for now.


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