Quadruple chocolate biscuits recipe

Returning to one of the basic aims of the blog: sharing ideas and recipes for home made things.

Biscuits are quite easy to make. And if you do them yourself at home, you know what’s in the things you’re putting in your mouth.

No almond meal in this lot. Plain flour. If you can get hold of stone ground, organic or perhaps wholemeal, that’s good. You can substitute the flour for almond or hazelnut meal if you wish.

1 250g block of butter
2 cups of brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup of cocoa
2 cups of plain flour
2 cups of mixed chocolate bits, white, milk and dark chocolate

Warm the butter a little to make it easier to work with. I generally give it a minute in the microwave.
Add the sugar and whisk it in.
Add the eggs, beat them in well.
Add the cocoa and flour, mix them in.
Finally, put in the chocolate bits if you haven’t already eaten them. Stir through.

Pop spoonfuls of the mix onto a large baking tray and leave a little room for them to spread. If you add a little water they’ll be softer.

Bake at 180 celcius for 20 minutes. Cool a little, pop them on a wire rack to cool further, then into the bikkie tin.

This recipe will make something like 45 or 50 bikkies. Plenty for when there’s kids around. Or big kids. The amounts can be halved if you wish to make less.

Gotta get some new place mats and interesting things to photograph the noms. I’m really enjoying doing this.


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  1. Those cookies look really nice! I may one day try this recipe out! If you want to look at my page, then you may be interested in the article on home grown food that I have wrote. Look forward to more tasty recipes, keep up the good work!

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