Is the whole world revolting?

Yes I know I promised to get back to the gardening and cooking blogging… However my social justice gland has been hyperactive in recent days with all these brutal dictatorships being overthrown. It’s absolute bliss to see people rising up and succeeding in throwing off the jackboots of oppression.

Edit: Amarji is maintaining Coveting Freedom with all the events from inside Egypt.

Many Egyptians seem to have been able to circumvent their government’s attempts to shut down internal mobile communications. The companies that were playing along, including Vodafone Egypt, have been named and outed. There is more preparation for a big march on Friday, which is now later today. Here’s hoping they do it like Tunisia. More power to them.

The MSM is now finally getting on board and the US seems to have given up Mubarak as a lost cause… Though we don’t know yet how dirty their hands will be in influencing a new government. Keep in mind that the US supported Mubarak’s brutal and bloody abuses for 30 years particularly while Egypt did their dirty work with the illegal extraordinary renditions and torture of supposed terrorism suspects, including Australian citizen Mamdouh Habib.

Hilary Clinton at one point made a statement that “Mubarak’s government is doing all it can to address the people’s legitimate concerns.” Which was, naturally, laughed down as it fully deserved. Obama asked for Mubarak’s government to respond without undue brutality, however, as in yesterday’s post, the US government has supplied teargas and other munitions that are being used against the Egyptian people.

Yemen and perhaps also Syria are beginning to show signs of unrest as well now. Palestinians were plackarding outside the embassy in Britain this morning. Some are saying the Wikileaks release of embassy communications contributed to this massive groundswell of revolt because it unmasked the true agenda of brutality and the depth to which the US and other Western nations were maintaining neo-colonialist manipulation of governments and peoples, for profit.

Meanwhile in the West, far too many people are still tuning in to Fox and other News Ltd. outlets and being fed misinformation, fearmongering and emotional button pushing. It’s a shame, but if these revolutions do eventually have an impact on Western living standards, perhaps the sustainability transition can get some traction.

Remember also that bloated middle classes in the US, Europe and Australia have been fed and fattened on the backs of suffering nations in the Middle East and Africa for nigh on a century now. When our access to cheap labour, oil and minerals is reduced, we’re going to actually have to think for, govern for and provide for ourselves. How much will this revolution era affect the global keptocracy? Only time will tell. But you can bet it will be engineered to affect the poor more than the rich. All the more reason to rethink our values and lifestyles. If we continue to value ourselves and our contributions to our families and communities in purely dollar terms, it’s curtains. Or at least massive personal crises as jobs and other securities are slaughtered. If we can unplug from the MainStream Media manipulation of our lives as consumerist gluttons, we have a hope. Values is the key. What do you really value?

Keep that in mind as you watch some of these vids and read some of these accounts of revolution in Egypt. Trigger warning. This is both very violent and real.

Al Jazeera: Imagining a new Egypt.

Egypt spotlight.


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2 Responses to Is the whole world revolting?

  1. Kate says:

    It is great to see many people deciding that enough is enough. I hope one day we’ll see the scenes portrayed in the new Zeitgeist movie. Where people around the world throw the fiat notes on piles in front of the central banks. That would be something!

  2. Ryan says:

    I see a repeat of history: 1934 west coast longshoremen strikes forced FDR to start a war with Japan, Germany to get attn. away from him and focus on “Krauts” and “Japs”. And forget about settling accounts with the US people. Its starting all over again with 9-11 and another is on the way I’d wager. There is NO WAY uncle sam will work with people here. I see martial law, a draft and wars in more countries, FEMA camps for protestors already in use so watch out…

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