Freedom for Egypt!

It’s nominally Australia day today, the anniversary of when some white dude on a boat stepped down into Botany Bay and began the slaughter of the locals. In order to avoid punch ups with flag draped neo-nationalists I’ll be staying away from the beer soaked barbies and not minding my own business.

Egypt has been under the thumb of a brutal dictatorship for far too long. After the successful protests in Tunisia, people have begun the fight for freedom in Egypt. For some reason it isn’t being widely reported on the Media, maybe they don’t want to give people ideas! Too late. The revolution *is* being televised!

Egyptian Government services are trying to block twitter, and hackers are coming out of the woodwork helping the Egyptian people work around these blocks. Reddit a Revolution! People like John Perry Barlow (EFF) and Jacob Appelbaum (Wikileaks) are assisting.

Topsy #jan25

More videos:

Pulling down a poster of Mubarak.

Protests at night.

This is so incredibly exciting. I have a real passion for social justice and these people are right on the front line, laying down their lives for this. More power to them!

And with any luck, we will see Iran and Saudi Arabia be liberated in the near future.

Here in Victoria, Ted re-opened duck hunting season so the only thing Victorians are doing is getting drunk and taking pot shots at nervous water fowl. Go the Egyptians!


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